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Self-Reliance by Design

The most valuable asset of any business consulting firm is knowledge.  It is the basis for providing clients a return on investment via results. However, in the competitive arena for new business capture, knowledge is more often guarded to sustain client dependency and to extend revenue.

At Prospect Federal Consulting, Inc. (PFCI), we understand the difference between true federal proposal management, business consulting and service outsourcing. That’s why we take a different view of our clients’ primary needs. Client self-reliance in organic growth is essential to profitability, to employee welfare, and to leveraging other avenues for expansion. Outsourcing new business capture management services is unsustainable in the long term. Consequently, our mission is to achieve client self-reliance in the most efficient manner possible, with early successes and continual improvement. We do this by knowledge transfer of the tools, techniques and methodologies that provide a far greater return on investment than outsourcing services.  Self-reliance by design is all about building client capabilities, not about us.

Performance and Results by Capability Maturity*

 Since 2007, PFCI has achieved the following return on investment for clients:

·    $5.8 Billion in competitive single-contract awards
·    $32.5 Billion in opportunity ceilings for ID/IQ Task Order vehicles
·    83% competitive win rate (proposals won / proposals submitted)
·    99% dollar capture rate (dollars won / dollars bid)

(* - results exclusive to bids and proposals managed directly by PFCI

PFCI consultants have designed and implemented 35 business development processes for clients ranging in size from $10 Million to $47 Billion in annual net sales. Not only have these processes contributed to client self-reliance in new business capture management, they were required for ISO™ registration and certification in CMMI℠ to Levels 2, 3 and 4.

Self-reliance by design: it’s our mission, and it’s the best return on investment for your business development funding.

To learn more about how PFCI can help you boost your business development performance, prepare for ISO™ or CMMI℠ certification, and become self-reliant in organic growth, visit our Services and Approach tabs.

(** - PFCI products and services support registration and certification.  PFCI is not directly affiliated with ISO (International Standards Organization), the CMMI℠ (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Institute, or the APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals ) Center for Business Development Excellence for the Business Development – Capability Maturity Model℠  (BD-CMM℠ ).
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