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Objective: to support the development of a high-scoring, winning proposal.

Service Deliverables: 7 data deliverables including a proposal plan and successive draft proposals.

Proposal Management Services can span the Solution Phase through the end of the Maintain Phase. Experience shows the best client return on investment and achievement of self-reliance comes from coaching and milestone consulting services.

Objective: to support the smooth and seamless start-up of a newly awarded contract.

Service Deliverables:  Up to 10 data deliverables covering transition and formal Project Management Plan

Implementation services control risk factors in transition and start-up.  PFCI consultants for this service are Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professionals.  For services in the IT arena, PFCI also maintains consultants with ITIL certifications, up to and including EXPERT.

Objective: to support the effective development and communication of client business planning for sustained growth and profitability.

Service Deliverables:

·Sector Positioning and Approach Mapping
·Sector Implementation Schedule

Business Planning is a core business process, and the gateway to an effective Business Capture process.  Most PFCI clients are fully capable and proficient in Business Planning, but lack a means for documenting and communicating strategy and tactics to principals for implementation. Our simple framework provides a means for effectively rendering and articulating even complex, long-range business plans, providing a common understanding for all involved in implementation.


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