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All PFCI services focus on deliverables to provide a more tangible return on investment and to more effectively transfer knowledge to our clients than verbal guidance. Process design services create custom-tailored deliverables in three key areas: Procedures, People, Tools. Our services focus on building a client-owned process asset library and in-house Train-The-Trainer services to continually reinforce self-reliance in new business capture.

Procedures – designed with scalability and flexibility to optimize the work effort relative to the size, complexity, and strategic value of each opportunity pursued. This provides executive management with broad discretion in process implementation, and more options for managing a portfolio of pursuits to budget.

People – without exception, role definition has proved the single most valuable component of business development process design across all PFCI clients.  In addition to role definition, PFCI develops role-based training, and provides on-the-job real-time training and coaching. This allows our clients to use business development funds for both process implementation and live opportunity pursuits at the same time for a much improved return on investment.

Tools – a robust tool suite delivers the greatest degree of knowledge transfer by providing the details for process implementation and consistent repeatability. Tools range from online opportunity pipeline management systems and secure virtual proposal centers to simple annotated formats and templates. Tools are also used extensively for role-based on-the-job training. 

Design and Implemention Services

Business Capture Process
Business Capture Process design and implementation services consistently produce positive return on investment by application of proven best practices and hands-on implementation by experienced, successful consultants.

Objective: to establish a repeatable and practical process for achieving measurable improvements in competitive win rate and dollar capture ratio, and to qualify for ISO™ registration and/or CMMI℠,  as desired.

Design Deliverables:  10 process-defining document deliverables with an optional Guidebook.

Business Capture process engineering covers seven phases of activities from strategic planning to program implementation.  PFCI guides development of business capture processes consistent with the BD-CMM℠, using best practices accumulated over 35 years. We fine tune process engineering engagements to meet the unique needs of each client.

Engagement options include designing and documenting a single phase through all seven phases with an integrated Basis of Estimate subprocess.  Design and documentation of the Qualify Phase through contract award is generally required for ISO™ registration and CMMI℠ Level 2 certification.  CMMI℠ Level 3 and 4 certifications require full implementation with performance metrics audited on a periodic basis.

Basis of Estimate Process

Objective: to establish a repeatable and practical process for consistently producing fact-based, data-driven cost estimates.

Design Deliverables: 7 process-defining document deliverables with an optional Guidebook.

Accurate and justifiable cost estimating is an absolute requirement for consistently winning competitive business with the government. PFCI provides a proven repeatable and successful approach to establishing this capability appropriate to the size and class of opportunities pursued. Our techniques provide full lifecycle integration of technical, cost, and schedule baselines in creating an accurate, competitive and justifiable bid. A disciplined approach to Basis of Estimate(BOE) meets the demands of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) for Cost Risk Analysis and Cost Realism, while forming the basis for Earned Value Management and reporting.

As with the approach to the Business Capture Process, PFCI fine tunes BOE process engineering engagements to meet the unique needs of each client. A process design group is formed with principals from the client organization. Hands-on design and development activity by client managers ensures custom tailoring to the client environment, and organizational buy-in and support for implementation.

BoE process engineering can be combined with Business Capture process engineering, or purchased as a separate engagement.


Business Capture Center

Objective: to stand-up and operate a best-in-class center for Business Capture Process management and implementation.

Design Deliverables:  3 structural document deliverables (minimum) and three systems tools (optional).

The Business Capture Center (BCC) is the operational companion to the Business Capture Process. PFCI will design and develop the BCC, in close collaboration with the client, and train the staff during real-time capture and proposal activities. PFCI can fill BCC staffing gaps temporarily, while supporting HR recruiting efforts. The resulting operation provides a fully qualified staff with the tools and systems to identify, qualify, propose, and submit winning competitive bids with a higher win rate and higher opportunity throughput than conventional proposal centers. 

Opportunity pipeline management systems and Virtual Proposal Center operations offer a greatly increased visibility into the business development process by senior management.  Senior Management visibility is a key process characteristic for achieving and sustaining CMMI℠ Level 3 and 4 performance.

Support Services

PFCI provides hands-on professional services in Capture Management, Proposal Management, and post-award Program Implementation.  We offer a wide range of service levels from accepting full role responsibility*** to coaching designated client personnel to just supporting major milestones in the Business Capture process.  Our consultants readily adapt to existing client processes and tools. 

At our client’s discretion, we apply the PFCI Client Engagement Model (CEM), which performs consistently with a Business Capture process operating at CMMI℠ Level 3.  The CEM can be applied to discrete gaps in a current client process or substituted entirely.  As with process design services, support services focus on tangible document deliverables over verbal guidance.

(*** - PFCI will accompany client personnel to interview prospective customers and to attend customer procurement milestones, as desired.  PFCI will not act independently as a representative of the client to prospective customers.)

Capture Management Services

Objective: to support the achievement and sustainment of a client competitive advantage throughout an opportunity pursuit lifecycle, and/or in the management of a portfolio of opportunities under consideration for pursuit.


Service Deliverables:  8 data deliverables for integrating win strategy with solution architecture.

Capture Management Services can span the Marketing Phase through the end of the Maintain Phase. Experience shows the best client return on investment and achievement of self-reliance comes from coaching and milestone consulting services.

Proposal Management Services

Objective: to support the development of a high-scoring, winning proposal.

Service Deliverables: 7 data deliverables including a proposal plan and successive draft proposals.

Proposal Management Services can span the Solution Phase through the end of the Maintain Phase. Experience shows the best client return on investment and achievement of self-reliance comes from coaching and milestone consulting services.

Program Implementation

Objective: to support the smooth and seamless start-up of a newly awarded contract.

Service Deliverables:  Up to 10 data deliverables covering transition and formal Project Management Plan

Implementation services control risk factors in transition and start-up.  PFCI consultants for this service are Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professionals.  For services in the IT arena, PFCI also maintains consultants with ITIL certifications, up to and including EXPERT.

Strategic and Tactical Business Planning

Objective: to support the effective development and communication of client business planning for sustained growth and profitability.

Service Deliverables:

    ·Sector Positioning and Approach Mapping
    ·Sector Implementation Schedule

Business Planning is a core business process, and the gateway to an effective Business Capture process.  Most PFCI clients are fully capable and proficient in Business Planning, but lack a means for documenting and communicating strategy and tactics to principals for implementation. Our simple framework provides a means for effectively rendering and articulating even complex, long-range business plans, providing a common understanding for all involved in implementation.


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